6 Gift Boxes Bags – Italian Design Wrap Premium and Stylish GOLD Valigetta (29.00 x 18,50 x 10,50 cm) 290

6 Gift Boxes Bags - Italian Design Wrap Premium and Stylish GOLD Valigetta (29.00 x 18,50 x 10,50 cm) 290
  • OUTSTANDING COLORS will make your gift very special
  • EASY TO HANDLE: Easy and quick to fold so you save time and therefore money
  • PERFECT SIZE: The ideal size for larger sized gifts
  • TOP QUALITY: Strong cardboard and stable finish, can be reused several times
  • SPECIAL REBATES: Up to 20% price off possible. See table and codes below!

How to win the hearts of your friends with stylish Italian gift boxes?

You will instantly win the hearts of your friends with these gift boxes in stylish Italian design. Pack your gifts lovingly and quickly. The gift boxes are available in classical red and gold and are easily foldable and stable. They can easily be reused when handled carefully. This makes them a very cost-effective and environmentally friendly packaging alternative.

Ideal Size, Big Results

The measurements of the gift boxes are ideally suited for the stylish packaging of your gifts such as sweets, chocolates (truffles, cookies, etc.) but are also perfect for gifts such as books, jewelery, ties, scarfs and many more. Therefore, you have the ideal packaging solution for many different gift-giving occasions like Santa Claus, Christmas, Valentine`s Day, Thanksgiving, weddings, or when you want to give presents to neighbors, employees, friends and many others.

What everybody ought to know: they are sturdy and cute

The special design, the rich colors and the high-quality finish create a cute packaging, while the strong cardboard quality provides high stability. Ideal for small gifts.

Now finally everybody is able to pack presents creatively, fast and stylishly!

Packaging will be so easy! The easy handling and uncomplicated folding together with the creative and stylish design will allow a quick way for the perfection of your present.


Because your satisfaction is most important to us, we guarantee you a complete right to return the merchandise. If the gift boxes do not meet your expectations, return them and you will certainly get your money back.

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